Works for Sale

If you are interested in purchasing my work, please contact me at: PayPal capability is available.
Exuberance (acrylic, pastel, oil pastel on paper; 11"x14"; $100)

Moonlight on the Dunes (acrylic on paper; 11"x14"; $100)

Summer River  (acrylic on Wallis pumice paper; 11" x 14"; $100)

Hazeridden Coast  (acrylic on Wallis pumice paper; 11"x14"; $100)

Autumn Fields  (acrylic and pastel on paper; 6" x 8"; $75)

Late Autumn (oil on paper; 11" x 14"; $150)

The Earth Never Forgets  (oil on paper; 11"x14"; $150)

Melon Freefall  (oil on paper; 12"x9"; $150)

Calm after the Storm  (oil on canvas; 10"x8"; $300)

Bird Fly Away  (collage on paper; 8" x 6"; $100)

January Morning  (pastel and watercolor; 8"x6"; $100)

A Continuous Flow (pastel and watercolor on paper; 8"x6"; $100)

Swift Skies (pastel and watercolor; 5"x7"; $85)

Ode to Twombly (acrylic on paper; 12"x9"; $100)

Snow Fields (acrylic and pastel on paper; 12"x9"; $100)

Setting Sun  (oil on birch panel; 10"x20"; $300)

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