Archive of Sold Works

Daybreak on the River (oil on canvas; 20" x 16"; Sold)

October Light (oil on canvas; 7" x 5"; Sold)

River Light (oil on canvas; 24" x 10"; Sold)

Wetlands (oil on paper; 12" x 9"; Sold)
Memory (oil and encaustic wax on birch board; 8" x 20"; Sold)
Sunlight on Linden Lane (oil on canvas; 10" x 8"; Sold)
Midsummer Morning Light (oil on canvas; 16" x 20"; Sold)
Seated Nude (acrylic on paper; 20" x 16"; Sold)
Patterns (collage on paper; 8" x 6"; Sold)

Riding the Rim of Twilight (oil, pastel on canvas; 16" x 20"; Sold)