05 September 2021

New Pics for a Gloomy Labor Day Weekend

Cool and damp here in Southern New England -- family get-together has been delayed until tomorrow and spending time catching up on the changes I've been making for Coral Sky Studio.  Soon, I'll be putting up a Facebook Page, a landing page and more.  But for now, I'm loading up my paintings and photographs to Fine Art America.  I hope you'll stop by and take a peek!

Some vibrant summer blossoms to cheer us up -- enjoy!

05 July 2021

Summer pastel series


Every time I travel to Cape Cod for a summer vacation I feel revived -- there truly is something about "Cape Light," as many artists and photographers refer to it.  Colors seem more vivid, the light almost crystalline in its clarity.  Unless, of course, if it's raining or foggy!  

This year we were right on the beach so to watch the colors of the various beach grasses and marshes was perfect -- early morning, midday, sunset and dusk.  This is a pastel-and-watercolor sketch, a mix of mediums that I find fun to work with.  I use Strathmore Bristol paper, which is usually used for graphic design and manga artwork.  But I like the way it holds the watercolor and allows me to overlay the layers of pastel. 

I'll be working on more of these sketches, working now from memory, and will soon be uploading this painting to my space on Fine Art America soon if you're interested in a print, a notecard and more!

Happy Summer!

"I hope to make pictures like I walk -- under a spell, an instinct of motion,

a kind of knowing that is essentially indirect and sideways."

(Ellen Meloy, Anthropology of Turquoise)

03 July 2021

Change of Heart

 I know I wrote awhile back that I was terminating the AestheticWork blog . . . but I just couldn't let it go.  I'd already invested over ten years on this blog and, when I think back and read some of my earlier posts, I realize how much this little endeavor helped me grow and achieve as an artist and writer, how I cut my teeth on social media via this blog.

So . . . I'm back.  Over the next few weeks, I'll be re-building my connections and making new ones, researching new venues for my artwork, making new online friends and colleagues, etc.  

In a way, I suppose I'm "preparing a pure white ground" on which to start again . . .