10 September 2009

Taking a Sabbatical

No pictures with this entry, I'm afraid. Sorry but life is getting a bit out of control here at work. In the non-profit sector, budgets have been cut, staff cut, resources are strained, and it will probably get worse. I have a full-time career as a director, and it is taking its' toll trying to keep so many balls in the air with one arm tied behind one's back. I have very little energy left for my art, much less anything else.

So, I'm giving myself a sabbatical from blogging -- at least for awhile. I hope to return but not quite sure when.

I want to thank all the wonderful "blogging friends" I have made over the past year. I hope from time to time to visit you and see your wonderful, inspiring creativity and writings!

Take care . . . and remember to stop and smell the roses once in awhile.

1 comment:

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Wishing you all the best Kelly. The times...they are a challenge.