15 October 2009

Art for under $100, under $200 . . .


Ah, we've all seen it -- the daily painting blogs, the Under $100 blogs, the Painting-a-Day blogs. So I've come up with my Winter Solstice Sale.

Yes, this is totally crass and commercialism at its' worst.

Yes, I am a starving artist. Well, not exactly starving but on my salary, it's close. Truth be said, I am just desperate to clear space in my studio for a new onslaught of creative energies, for works I am planning but have no elbow room in which to work.

I think that if other artists can do the daily painting / painting-a-day thing on their blogs, I can certainly latch on to that concept in my own way. Afterall, I do NOT want to be my own best collector. I want my artworks to be out there in the wide, wide world to be enjoyed by others. I also believe firmly that Art should be enjoyed by all, not just the wealthy and the wannabes.

So, this is a very transparent effort on my part to combine capitalism and marxism -- how's that for "holiday" spirit? Note, too, no reference to religious holidays, simply Winter Solstice, thus returning to our true pagan spirit -- (pillaging and plundering? -- no, no, that's not right . . . )

Many works are listed under $100, but there are other categories if you so choose to open your pocketbook a bit wider.

This will run through December 20, the eve of Winter Solstice. ArtID (see the link to your right) handles the monetary aspects (PayPal), while they alert me as to where to ship. What could be easier . . . ?

I promise I will do this only once a year.

I promise I will not moan, whine, plead or cry.

No pressure, my fellow bloggers, artists and friends! Share your comments about all this, too. Hey, I could have called this my Autumn Tag Sale -- now that would have been pretty tacky. However, we had snow showers throughout the area today (arghhhh!) -- thus the switch to Winter Solstice. It seemed more in keeping! :~)


nancy neva gagliano said...

i thank you for offering us this opportunity!!! i'll check the checkbook balance, and then peruse...your writing makes me chuckle, since i'm just one of those like-minded pagan solstice celebrating spirits!! and ready to embrace your capitalistic marxism!!

Kelly M. said...

Ha!!! Yes, we pagans must band together and raise a glass of wassail or two on the Solstice -- :~)
Cheers, Nancy!

chrome3d said...

It was meant to be enjoyed by the wide world and now I have enjoyed it way out here.

Liz.Photo said...

There is nothing crass or commercial about selling your work. starving artists went out with the 19th century. Good Luck!