21 February 2010

UFOs spotted in the Studio

Sprout Wings
collage of banana, rice & marblized papers;
hand-embellished with India ink
6" x 9"

O.k. I know it looks a bit like a baby zeppelin that has lost its moorings and is adrift in a sea of paper, but what can I say? One must love one's creations; otherwise, we could end up like Dr. Frankenstein, and we all know how that story ended.

Seriously, though, I could not repeat last weekend's dance performance. I was actually so sore a few days later, I found it a bit hard moving around at work. I hadn't used some of those muscles in years! I have much more respect for dancers now, believe me. Did you know that Fred Astaire danced every day for 3 hours until well into his 70s? Phew. I think I need more gummi bears . . .

This weekend was quieter, more subdued than last weekend. I spent more time sorting through things, discovering fun little projects that I never completed (probably too busy dancing and eating).

So now I'm thinking about challenging myself -- maybe opening this up to my fellow bloggers. How many UFOs are floating around your studio? By "UFO," I mean "unfinished objects" that we tend to shove to the side, slip into drawers, use as bookmarks -- all in an effort to avoid completion.

Why? Because completion is a scary thing. Once a work or project is completed, we are forced to reckon with it. Oh, that terrible word: reckoning. It sounds so final, so apocalyptic . . .

But better to have a finished work than a half-baked one. Or perhaps we could de-construct a UFO to take parts of it and use with another project. Re-cycling a UFO is better than a dormant one, I would guess.

I need to think about this some more. Procrastination is integral to UFOism . . .

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