28 March 2010

Dreary Sunday Blahs

It's baaccckkkk . . . good 'ole March has returned -- why should I be surprised by that? -- and it's windy and cold and windy and cold and cold! Walking this morning was like running hurdles (not that I do that on a steady basis, mind you) and the poor daffodils and snowdrops were being beaten by the slice 'n dice winds.

Came home and kind of banged around into walls, picking up this, putting down that. I hate these kind of Sundays -- no motivation to start a painting, to work on something new or to finish up something begun. So I just rolled with it. Ate chocolate cookies, drank lots of java (decaf) and played on the computer, visiting blogger friends, fiddling with some photos:

"Sunlight & Shadows"
digital image by artist

This is actually the same image, just duplicated and blended somewhat differently, then layered over a texture from Playingwithbrushes . This was truly an experiment, so am happy it came out.

This one is a bit different -- a shot of the Baldwin Bridge that spans the Connecticut River just at the point where it empties into Long Island Sound. There's a boat launch under the bridge, which I never knew. I took this shot last December -- a beautiful sunny day; the next day we had our first snowstorm!

digital image by artist

I was trying for a "vintage" look, and was pleased with how the opposite shoreline came out -- reminds me of a Constable or an Inness. Believe it or not, the texture is the bottom of an old cookie baking pan that I scanned -- ha! -- see how desperate one can get on a dreary Sunday afternoon?

Well, I'll stop complaining. Time to get things ready for another work week. Let's hope that Spring returns soon -- these cold, blustery days are wearing me down!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I was so sure of the sunshine that I changed from flannel sheets to percale...oh, no! We have rain starting Tuesday!
Love, absolutely love the last photo...a cookie sheet you say?

Kelly M. said...

yup! I scanned the bottom, cropped it and use it as a texture in my digital manipulations -- necessity is the mother of invention??? :-)

Sondra said...

Hi Kelly,
How creative you are! a cookie sheet...it is amazing what can be done! My favorite is the top piece - peaceful and mysterious.
I hear you about the weather, we are on Lake Erie and waiting for Spring...but you live in my favorite part of the country, New England...you will have some beautiful days coming...enjoy!
Best to you,

Poetic Artist said...

I do like the bottom one. Glad you shared the cookie sheet. I am turning into a rain drop. The weather person keeps saying the sun will shine tomorrow. Still waiting. LOL

Kelly M. said...

Sondra & Katelen -- Sounds like we're all waiting for that break in the weather! Folks at work are getting so down - we plowed through a box of snickerdoodles today -- LOL!

Luzia said...

I like it!

Kelly M. said...

Luzia -- many thanks! it was fun to work on this one -- a real challenge!