09 March 2010

Serendipitous Moments in Blogland

It's funny how our sites and blogs and thoughts seem to intersect at varying points -- some of us have been writing about spring and this bout of warm weather we've been having; others are writing about their writing and poetry, while others are highlighting a favorite artist or inspiration.

I just visited Eva Macie's blog and she wrote of Pat Dews, a wonderful artist who inspires many via her books, workshops and DVDs. When I saw Eva's work, I had to chuckle because I had just loaded this digital image to my Redbubble site. I titled it "Dark Topography," which is what Eva's work reminded me of -- an intricate topographical surface -- filled with amazing cracks and fissures, crevices to investigate -- to let the eye wander over, again and again.

This image was a shot of a water-damaged wall. I inverted it to a negative, then played with the hues, etc. It reminded me of a moon shot, those grainy images of pitted and scarred surfaces of the moon that are relayed back to earth!

And then one of those moments when you stumble across a quote, a bit of writing and -- wham! There it is: image and text mingling and merging in the mind's eye:

my way is in the sand flowing
between the shingle and the dune . . .

Samuel Beckett

So -- not a moonscape but rather looking down at the dark sands while drifts of water hide or reveal flotsam & jetsam, a catch of pebbles, a ripple of seaweed, little secret colors and textures that disappear as quick.

Don't you just love these serendipitous moments? Way cool, as my son would say!


Caterina Giglio said...

great minds think alike and birds of a feather... well you get my drift! great post!! thank you!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I enlarged this photo and enjoyed moving around in this beautiful texture. Serendipity...a really good thing in one's life!!

Eva said...

Kelly, how nice of you to mention my blog! I am pleased that my painting from Pat's workshop triggered your memory of a work of art that you created. It is a fascinating piece. I really like it. It's full of intrigue and texture. It is so neat to be an abstract artist and love texture, line, and shape the way most of us do.
Thanks again,

Kelly M. said...

Blogland is a beautiful thing -- when it works! :-))) So glad this struck a chord that resonated!

layers said...

you are right-- I often will find a blog post on a topic I just posted on or plan to-- so many artists with the same interests and ideas

Kelly M. said...

great minds think alike . . . ?! or is it something we ate? LOL!