13 August 2010


in the evening shadows
the garden shimmers
each blossom pulses
tossing its hues
to the fading light . . .

last night i sat in the gloaming
shadows stretching thin
across the lawns

birds swooped
as if scooping up the last rays to carry home
back to the nest . . .

fuschia and gold stained
the shadows that knelt
along the edges of the garden
cicadas rasped their vespers
seeking love in the darkness . . .

will i remember this come January?
and yes again . . .


Lynda Lehmann said...

Beautiful words and image!

Lynda Lehmann said...

PS - I see, reading your profile, that we have a lot in common!

English, photography, beach and mountains, artist, poet.....even old B & W movies: they're my favorite!

Kelly M. said...

Lynda -- Thanks so much for visiting!