09 October 2010

fragile structures


Taking some time off from work, playing with a series of digital images -- Fragile Structures -- using manipulations of the software to enhance, to obscure, to render the ordinary into something "other" -- why?

Because we so often disregard what we see everyday, the mundane, the simple . . . and yet when closely examined, these structures are pure, even in the midst of decomposing.

As I begin to play with these images they often take on a new life, as in the hosta leaf above.  It appears to be soaring off into space, on a trip of discovery . . .


This image has an altogether different feel -- dark and brooding, perhaps threatening.  The detachment from the stem, I think, adds to this sense, and the leaf reminds me of O'Keefe's skull paintings, all bones and sharp edges.

The textures I used are from a wall of graffiti I photographed while walking through Fort Mason Park in San Francisco with my brother.  It lends itself to the sense of times past . . .

I feel that autumn demands that we keep some kind of tracing of what is transpiring all around us before winter slips over the threshold and covers all in a blanket of white.

One can never study nature
too much and too hard.

Vincent van Gogh


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

These two images are stunning. The first one for me looks almost like a wing...caught or tangled in flight.The other is darker as you stated...perfect for the autumn perspective. Bravo!

Kelly M. said...

Thanks so much, Mary Ann! I seem to be on this roll; can't quite stop myself!

Caterina Giglio said...

the quote is wonderful, and I so agree! these are just fabulous pieces and the leaf/wing amazing with all the texture and that last piece, well the scratches on the wood or the background really brings them both together eh? love them Kelly...

Kelly M. said...

Thank you, Caterina! :-)

The Artist Within Us said...

Dear Kelly,

What six months or so can have an effect on what one sees, for it has been that long since I have traveled, visiting blogs.

As I look at your offerings I see growth and a more refined approach to your work. 'Flight' is my favorite of the two yet I also wished I cold click on the image to appreciate it in a larger state.

Thank you for visiting San Francisco.

Warmest regards,

Kelly M. said...

Egmont -- so very glad to hear from you and thank you for your words of encouragement. I truly enjoyed working on "Flight" and "Detachment" -- going beyond the visible, seeking the unseen, perhaps the 'felt' would be a better way to describe the process? Loved S.F.! Paris #1; SF #2, if I had my druthers! xo