25 October 2010

Visual Respite

I seem to fall into this sense of fallowness in the autumn.  I can see a pattern from previous years' blog entries, which makes me feel better (somewhat) in that at least I am consistent in my dullness!

So today's entry is "Visual Respite" -- no images, no artwork.  An opportunity to rest before moving on to the next favorite blogger, the next set of images, the next thought that "Gee, I should try that."

It's taken me awhile to learn that I need to listen to my own thoughts, my own "what if's" and to let my mind wander through the myriad corners of its' own creative space.

Has anyone else reached this point?  Blogland is great but it's a bit like being in a candy store with carte blanche.  After awhile one feels bloated on the visual stimulation --

Now I find that I blog more to think, to throw out a few thoughts and observations, perhaps an image for fellow bloggers to review and tell me what they think.

But in the end, it's me that counts as the artist.  I love everyone else's work, but the time spent viewing and cross-viewing sometimes gets in the way.

I look forward to November because it is the one time of year when the world around me is drained of bold, dramatic colors.  The natural world is subdued, as if awaiting those first snows -- a hushed world of grays and umbers, of mists and frost.

So, I hope you've had a nice rest.  Now it's time to move on.  Thanks for stopping by, see you soon -- and Happy Halloween!

“I prefer . . . fall, when you feel the
bone structure of the landscape.
Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn't show.”
Andrew Wyeth


Eva said...

Even if you didn't post an image, you painted one with your words and I enjoyed them. I agree with you and Wyeth about preferring the "bone structure of the landscape" in late fall, but the bone chilling cold of winter is not something I look forward to.

Caterina Giglio said...

oh yes, blog hopping has a way of pulling you off center! I agree that one has to stay focused! and the wyeth quote is good stuff...

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I believe it takes plenty of living to get to the place of personal art making wisdom...a place you have reached. Wyeth said it beautifully and your words rang so true...See you sometimes in November.

Kelly M. said...

Thanks for your visits! Always great to hear from you -- see you soon :-)