01 April 2011

Sometimes time is compressed and one's ability to create is limited. So, what to do? I haven't been able to take any further life study classes and my friends and family seem unwilling to sit for me -- why ever not, I'm not sure. Could it be my continual scowling, my abrupt commands ("Now, tilt your head. No, not that way! This way... Stop fiddling!"...) and the fact that texting in the middle of a sitting just does not work, spoils the feel . . .

So I decided to digitally create my own models. Here's an example of one I hope to work on this weekend:

I found the above photo online when I searched Google images for tango dancers. I love the way the bodies melt into one another and the sensuous line.  Then I pulled the image into PhotoShop and began to alter it, erasing the male figure as I wanted to isolate the female form.  By using various effects, such as charcoal and pencil, I ended with this variation, which gives me a clear sense of line and of light & shadow. I'll probably enlarge this to page size (8 x 10) and work from there.

So when desperate for a model to sketch/paint from, why not give it a try?  There are other variations I'm trying also -- the effect of stone would be cool or manipulating the colors and adding layers of texture to reach a more "painterly" look.  And the beauty is -- these models do not talk back, do not fidget, text their friends or change the pose.  Think about it . . .

 "the imagination spins and weaves new patterns . . .  pure inventions, 
absurdities, and improvisations."

August Strindberg


Anonymous said...

You are so clever at Photoshop Kelly. This looks just like a pastel drawing now. In reality she wouldn't be able to hold that post on her own without falling over though, would she? Makes a beautiful arabesque shape to draw. Good idea, if only I could get to grips with Photoshop.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Wonderful image and I'm sure you will draw something breathtaking from this image and without interruption. Great way to cut through some of the time restraints. I refuse to drag my stuff up a flight of stairs to life drawing class, especially with so many 2 min. warm ups. The angle and pose is so important...will be looking for your images!

Caterina Giglio said...

I agree with Mary Ann, wonderful image! and I love what you have done, Photoshop is beyond me, so I admire your skill, I still use real models, but I photograph them when they start to moan!! lol!!

Kelly M. said...

Carolann--yes, I think you're right; maybe I'll insert a divan or something to hold her up!

Mary Ann -- I know what you're saying! sometimes I find those classes more distracting than worthwhile.

Caterina -- I tried taking a shot of my daughter and she moaned (!) and walked out of the room -- no makeup -- LOL!

Thanks for your comments; I will post my sketches soon --