21 November 2011

Between Sky and Water

A Clearing in the Distance
oil on canvas

Now that the vivid colors of autumn and summer have faded, drifting into piles of leaves and such, the subtle beauty of gray November days is here. It seems as if the light has changed, softened. And there is a paucity of distracting elements when looking out upon the landscape -- the crowds at the beaches have disappeared, only random dog-walkers, lovers and retirees wander across the sands.  The skies seem more vast, true vistas rather than just blank, blue sky. Scudding clouds roil and tumble, nudging the watery sunlight here and there.

This small painting will be in the Aetna corporate show in a few weeks. I've decided, for organizational purposes, to follow a theme, something I've never had a chance to do before.  Realms of Sky and Water is what I've decided to call it.

This is the smallest piece (8"x10") with the larger works coming in at about 24" x 30."  I like the fact that I've returned to painting landscapes although I do love abstract also.  Maybe it's a seasonal thing, but I feel as if late autumn affords the painter the last opportunity before the snows arrive and blanket everything in white (and we spend hours shoveling) --

After this show I think it will be time for a rest and to kick back and enjoy the coming holidays.  I hope you all enjoy Thanksgiving (for those who celebrate it) and the holidays that follow shortly thereafter!


nancy neva gagliano said...

beautiful.......and enjoy your holidays, NO MATTER WHAT!! nn

Kelly M. said...

LOL!!! You bet, Neva! and you enjoy, too -- :-)

Sharon said...

Wow! This is hauntingly beautiful. You are making me reconsider my feelings about these gray November days.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Kelly M. said...

And to you, Sharon! Thanks so much for your comment -- :-)

Eva said...

This is beautiful. Reminds me a little of Turner's seascapes

Kelly M. said...

Eva -- to be compared to Turner -- wow, what a gift! :-) Many thanks!