10 June 2012

Marking Time

And still it goes . . . time compressed, hours in the car commuting, juggling budgets, hiring, training, publicity . . . poor right brain! It sits quietly squashed into a corner, waiting patiently for a gesture, a signal that it can function once again.

But I know the time is approaching. Perhaps the Solstice is nudging things along? More and more, as I work, commute, do laundry, food shopping, weed the garden, part of my mind is shifting and sorting, fingering ideas of color and shape, of how the light spills at a certain time of day. For the first time in months, I picked up the camera to catch the early morning light on some roses. A kind of coming home after a long departure . . .

When time is short, simple papers and a glue stick work for me. What works for you? These could end up as note cards for friends and family -- or they could be framed up as small works to be arranged on a white wall that catches the summer sunlight, a kind of paper quilt . . .

6" x 8"
collaged papers

Translation iii
5" x 7"
collaged papers and fabric

6" x 8"
collaged papers; fabric

The Source
5" x 6"
collaged papers (sold)
Translations ii
5" x 7"
collaged papers; paint; text

Even if it is only the tactile movement of touching papers and fabric, of moving small masses of color and textures around on a clear, white space . . . it is enough -- for now.

What art offers is space - 
a certain breathing room for the spirit. 

~John Updike


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly
I love the collages, so peaceful and serene. You have managed to switch off the busyness and find that creative right side of the brain. The result is stunning.

Ruth Andre said...

When I saw "The Source" I just fell in love with it. Love these paper and fabric works!!!

Jo Murray said...

I find these simple collages most appealing. Quiet and reflective, but with meaning.

Kelly M. said...

Thank you, Ruth! Just returned from my getaway to the Cape and am catching up on emails, blog, etc. That break was just what the right brain needed. So glad you stopped by!

Kelly M. said...

Carolann -- Thanks so much for your thoughts! Isn't it funny how some mediums / scale seemed to work better than others?

Kelly M. said...

Jo -- As you can see, I'm catching up from my getaway to the Cape -- thank you for your kind words! Sometimes simplicity is the best --