09 September 2012

Wherever and how ever . . .

Storms blew in yesterday afternoon and early evening -- small tornadoes touching down throughout New York and Connecticut. Very strange stuff!

But this morning the sun broke out and the air was crisp and cool with a slight breeze. One could feel the edges of autumn brushing past as I strolled through the garden, searching for any mishaps and destruction from the high winds. Luckily everything was in good shape.

Switching gears, creatively speaking, I began working on several quilting projects this weekend. At this time of year, I tend to gravitate to more tactile projects. Perhaps the cooler weather and the first signs of hibernation lead one to pick up fabric or yarn, things that warm and comfort us.

These two blocks of beautiful batiks are actually one large block, about 12" x 12" -- just couldn't get the whole piece on the scanner. I picked up the fabric at the World International Quilt Festival in New Hampshire a few weeks ago -- luscious cherry reds and burnt umbers, golds and deep greens -- good enough to munch on.  I have no particular plan in mind, perhaps several large 12x12 blocks embedded in an off-white batik background, something that will make those colors POP!  Or maybe a deep navy -- I can never tell until I start placing the pieces together on a large open surface.

Often as I work with these bits and pieces of fabric and colors I think about painting abstracts or building a collage -- what if I did this with oil and cold wax?  what if I did something like this in pastels or with papers? -- 

You see, it never ends.  Or rather it's all connected somehow, isn't it?  Whether you're creating with traditional materials, such as fiber, or with more aesthetic materials, such as oil or pastel, one is always creating, combining color and pattern, texture and line, seeking that point where all comes together into some thing that pleases, that sparks excitement or serenity.

This odd little fellow [above] is a block I experimented with in following the methods of Rayna Gilman and her quilt work, as published in Free-form Quilting, a great book that takes you out of the same-old, same-old frame of mind.  I'm still not sure I have the hang of it yet, but will continue to challenge myself.

Another experiment but more in the realm of combining colors -- hot pinks and oranges with deep cobalt blues and purples, all couched in that gorgeous khaki green shade -- BAM!  It makes one's heart beat faster, makes you want to dance around the room to some Brazilian jazz -- oh, yeah!

So you see, whether working with fiber or with paints, you learn so much about color combinations, pattern and line mixing and more. And, in the case of quilting, you end up with something that you can wrap around yourself, or around someone you love, and feel cozy and protected. How good is that?

"These fragments I have shored against my ruins."

T.S. Eliot
The Waste Land


Kim Hambric said...

All of these fabrics and combinations are SO beautiful and inspirational!

Kelly M. said...

Kim -- Thanks so much, for your visit and your kind comment! Hope all is well with you? I will stop by soon -- KM