12 November 2012

Digital Collages for an Autumn Afternoon

Playing with a new computer, struggling with learning curves, new software, etc. Time is a bit short, need to get outside before the sun sinks too low . . . hate this late autumn/early winter adjustment.  It's somewhat disorienting, making one feel robbed of the day.

Seems as if there isn't enough time to paint, so this is the next best thing -- digital collaging.  I like building up the layers, working with old texts, creating my own custom brushes.

Perhaps someday I'll actually use these in something -- what, I'm not sure yet.  I'm still learning how to work with the software and my photos.  Perhaps I'll purchase those kits I keep reading about . . . 

This image was from an old house wall whose siding was peeling off in sheets.  I cropped it closely, then added multiple layers of old text and a final layer of an abstract painting, which I adjusted in several blending modes.  I wasn't sure where this was going, but finaly had a sense of a portal into a kind of fantasy realm . . . ? 

This image was worked up from a paper towel after I'd mopped up a mess on my painting table.  When it dried, I scanned it, then left it on the computer for months.  Today as I was scrolling through my files, I came across it once again.  I liked the effect of the little nubbly texture that the scan had retained from the paper toweling. 

Using that I began adding elements -- old leaves I had scanned, old texts, flourishes cropped from the vintage signatures, and finally an  overlay of an old watercolor painting inverted and blended.

I'll have to wait for the upcoming holiday weekend to play further with these -- or make some more. I'd like to do more with these -- I've seen so many interesting digital works in magazines like "Digital Studio" -- I just need time, something that seems to be elusive these days --
setting sun melts into woodsmoke --
regrets rising with the moon


wandamarie.blogspot.com said...

BOTH are SCRUMPTIOUS! i too, am even farther back on the learning curve for photoshop, but am so enamored at the POSSIBILITIES! such INSPIRING WORK you do!

Kelly M. said...

Many thanks, Wanda! Yes, it is overwhelming the possibilities -- just hope I can carve out the time to explore!

helen said...

Love those colors!