28 June 2015

Return from the Cape

What is it about a vacation at the Cape that re-charges the creative juices once again? Is it the sunlight, the hot lazy afternoons? Perhaps it's the salt air and swimming in the ocean that cleanses the mind? 

Cape Beach

These are just a few shots from the Cape, which I love to fiddle with, digitally altering them to make them appear 'vintage-y' --  like some old photos you'd find stashed away in albums that your grandparents (or great-grandparents) had at one time --

Wynchmere Harbor, Harwich, MA

the ones where no one can recall who took the picture or when --  

View of Provincetown Harbor

That's something that bothers me about digital cameras -- it's so very ephemeral.  At least in the 'old' days, people had their photos printed, as it was the only way.  Now, how often do we actually print out the shots we've taken with our digital cameras and phones?  

Sure, we load them up onto our computers and then onto our blogs, tumblr, pinterest, instagram -- but then what?  What if the platforms and technologies change?  Does anyone backup their pics? 

Garden Lion, Provincetown

Ah, well . . . don't mind me.  I'm just griping, as I know that I'm as guilty as the next person.  I have good intentions, but they often go by the wayside with the excuse, "I'll wait for a rainy day . . . "  And then I move onto something else: work, taking care of the gardens, etc.  

This last image -- Garden Lion -- is a favorite.  I found him poking up from behind a mass of shrubs and flowers in a garden in Provincetown.  So very exotic, don't you think?  


Seth said...

Each of these is a treasure Kelly.

paintings by mgt said...

Interesting,and yet your musings reach an international audience, a collective memory, as it were! Love the vintage looks, wonder what will thought of them in years to come.....a small book...w these and musings would be so neat for posterity??!! ;-)

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Your first photo has my heart...color and markings are beautiful!

Kelly M. said...

Thanks very much for your comments! Summer is such a busy time; I rarely get to the computer unless it rains! I hope you are all enjoying these weeks of warmth and sun -- already the light is changing and soon we'll be wearing sweaters in the evening to ward off a slight chill -- :-) Kelly