12 October 2017

Happy October!

Gosh, it's been so long since I've posted on my poor blog, I'm ashamed to admit it!  And yet life has a way of distracting one from all the ideas you had planned, the projects that you want to tackle -- and before you know it -- poof! -- weeks, months have gone by.

But October is one of my favorite months, as is Autumn in general. I love the summer and being able to move around without coats and boots, but at some point all the heat and brilliant colors become overwhelming, and one ends up waiting for a chilled breeze, the scent of fallen leaves scuffling underfoot.

Combing through my photos from when I started this blog back in 2007 or '08, I found some season-appropriate images that I thought I'd share.  I do have new ones, but like many of us these days, they're lodged in my cellphone -- someday I'll download them and play around with them.

I hope you're all enjoying the fall season so far, although many areas have been hit by such horrific disasters, those from Nature and those from our fellow humans.  But even a moment to find that hidden last blossom of a rose or a spray of little helicopter pods turning the most amazing array of hues should be a moment to relish!

 I'll try to be more diligent about posting. When I read back on my entries, it was a great reminder of how much the journaling helped with so many aspects of the creative life -- and how many wonderful friends I made over the years!

"I'm so glad I live in a world
where there are Octobers."

L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

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paintings by mgt said...

Your images bring out the best of the fall colors and moods! Hope your Holidays were good and happy New Year! Marianne