30 November 2020

Hygge Chronicles #1


Rains coming down, temps dropping, winds whipping up.  Time to hygge!  Tomorrow is December and I am so not ready for the upcoming holidays, both mentally and emotionally.  I'm trying, my whole family is trying, but it's hard.  Our son passed away earlier this summer.  I never thought I'd lose a child.  Parents always believe they'll be the ones to go first.  It's unnatural.  But life goes on, and I have the rest of my family to think about, care for, love.  It's just the Christmas holidays will be the toughest, especially this year.

So that's why I'm embracing the Danes' theory of hygge, a way of life and attitude that embraces winter, celebrates this sleeping time that sends many of us into a tail spin.  For me, it's the loss of light, the darkness creeping in about 4:00pm. 

To battle the dreary gloom I've upped my game -- lots and lots of candles. I've added more mirrors throughout the house to help reflect more light.  I tend not to drop the blinds as much as before, letting the neighborhood holidays lights shine in from the outside.  And the fireplaces are going non-stop from about 3pm until bedtime.  

So, taking each day as it comes, tackling little projects (and bigger ones) each week, whether it's taking up the brush again or setting up my weaving loom and sorting through my stash of yarns.  I've even taken up cooking and trying new recipes, as our son was an excellent cook and could whip up some amazing dishes within minutes.  I'll try to carry on in his spirit and cook from the heart.

I think careful cooking is love, don't you? The loveliest thing you can cook for someone who's close to you is about as nice a Valentine as you can give."

Julia Child 

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paintings by mgt said...

I'm inspired by your sharing it is starting to snow just now! and we are also hunkering down, "hygge" in the norse style! Greg's in the shop turning bowls and a variety of natural burl pieces and I'm replenishing my blankets and throws! I've put a table weave loom on my wish list....I love making scarfs, thought I try weaving a few. I love the colorful fluffy yarns, they are all around the house, a comfort. I'm still working w the watercolors, mostly doodles this time of year,though, something about the light this time of year!
wishing you and yours a healthy and safe New year....we had a quiet Christmas and are looking forward to Spring, I'm already counting days. I've enjoyed getting in touch with friends from my Navy days and my mom's sisters out in the mid west. That really keeps me going! between face book, car pinics at the beach and sitting down at the dock by the water I get my Zen!
My your Hygge refresh you and you find your "joy de vive" refreshed with your dabbling, only about 21 days til spring! Enjoy