20 March 2009

Spring is here and getting itchy . . .

Well, finally! Spring arrived at 7:44am here in New England and not a moment too soon. It's cold yet but you know that winter is over. It's definitely a "mental" thing.

Another "mini" to add to the collection:

"Farmhouse on the Ridge"
2" x 2"

This is probably the smallest of the batch -- again, it was part of a larger floral still life that just didn't cut it. So I did -- cut it, that is. I once read that Monet kicked his boot through the canvases he hated because he didn't want future generations to see them. Dramatic but very effective.

Well, I have only a few more weekends free before the garden demands my presence, so I hope to spend hours in the studio both days. Morning coffee, a walk and then to paint -- then a good book and some wine later to reward myself for persistance, if nothing else . . .

I cannot wait.

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