19 March 2009

More Miniature Art

"Siena Dunes"
2.5" x 4"

These pieces were worked fairly quickly Sunday afternoon. Actually, Siena Dunes and Mauve Dunes are from a larger piece (11" x 14") with which I was not happy. By cropping, I saved those parts that appealed to me. I was definitely going for a looser, more washy feel, letting the colors ebb and flow.

"Mauve Dunes"
2.5" x 4"

"At the Shore"
2.75" x 3.5"

"At the Shore" is a bit more pink than I wanted it. I may go back in and adjust with some gouache or oil pastels to tone it down and emphasize the sands more. However, I think those hots colors evoke the sense of heat and the festive air one finds at the beach in the middle of summer!

With the custom mats I have on hand, which I ordered from Documounts (www.documounts.com) -- they did a beautiful job and reasonably priced -- I think these "mini" paintings work well.

I'm hoping to do more this weekend, perhaps get about 9 or twelve ready to post up to the online galleries. We'll see -- only so much time and the gardens are starting to call to me! Spring arrives tomorrow at 7:44am -- thank god!

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