29 July 2009

Art & Photography or Playing in the Heat . . .

Memories of Spring
(altered photograph by me)

After six weeks of cold and rain, now we're in the midst of a humid heat wave -- I have never seen Connecticut like this! Ugh. So, I took a day off to play with PaintShop and fiddle with some photos I took earlier this spring when the gardens were looking great (they now look like something from Jungle Book, ready to grab you and drag you under when you walk by).

I was attempting to work with layers and filters wanting to achieve that old, faded look -- grainy, little color left, maybe a few creases. God, maybe I'm describing myself -- ?! Here's another one from the Palace of Beaux Arts in San Francisco:

Not too shabby.

I'm gearing up for a festival in early fall. I'll be working on creating shibori silk scarves and jewelry. I was at a bead show up near Boston and bought some amazing ocean jasper and other semi-precious stones -- can't wait to work with them! But as the dyeing process is very messy and not conducive to "sharing" space with the oils and canvases, I'll need to take a break from my artwork and painting.

Of course, that's what I say now. In a week or two it may change -- again!

Well, back to photo land -- thank god my computer is in the lower level where it's cool; otherwise, I'd never make it through this heat.

Complain, complain . . .

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