24 July 2009

Chihuly, Sunflowers and Damp New England

Chihuly Drawing Wall

9 x 12
acrylic, oil pastel and pastel

After seven weeks of (almost) continuous rain and damp, I require a BIG dose of color! Lots of color! In going over some of my photos from a trip to San Francisco last autumn to visit my brother, I found some he had taken at the Chihuly exhibit at the DeYoung Museum. This is one I located on the web, very similar. These works (most on paper, I believe) are his preliminary drawings done in acrylics as studies for his glass sculptures, and it was an amazing experience to stand in front of this wall that probably measured 35' long and about 18' high -- an artist's Wailing Wall!

A couple of months later, in the dead of winter, I painted my sunflowers, my soul craving bright hot colors. I began with acrylics and then added layers and staccato touches of oil pastel and pastels. It was one of the first times I really let loose, just trying to get to that point where the colors were alive, almost edible.

Well, after floods here where I work, slopping mops and throwing out drowned materials, I did this blog entry to share another bright spot at the end of a very damp and dreary week -- enjoy!!!

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