25 August 2009

Rusty Art . . . ?

Well, a few weeks ago, Donna at layers asked what images reappeared in one's art or what mark(s) continually called to your artistic eye? I had commented that rust (rust pattern, rivulets of rust, etc.) always seemed to attract me, especially those found on bridge supports and underpasses, which I see many during my daily commute.

Here's a few thumbnails of shots I had taken over these last few months/years and culled into a contact sheet. At this small size, if one didn't know these were photos of rust, it would seem as if they were thumbnails of artworks!

Well, thank you for the prompting, Donna! And I hope to use these as photos from which to work up some pieces, perhaps on 2" gallery boards or maybe on nujabi papers?

What inspires you? What gives you the spark or the challenge to veer off on a detour from the "same old, same old?"


layers said...

Glad to be an inspiration for a change--- you are absolutely right--- those thumbnails do look like paintings and I am glad you are going to do some now. I love rusty stuff too and have boxes of junk in my studio --- waiting for I don't know what yet. You have a good start for some great paintings!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

They look like paintings because you have a good eye!

Kelly M. said...

Now the trick will be to actually do something; not just think about it! :~)