20 August 2009

Summer Thoughts

Still playing . . . summer seems to require these do-nothing type of hours . . . read a book, listen to music, putter in the garden, take photos of your feet . . . ain't life grand?

Because somehow I know that after Labor Day weekend, we all swing into the "normal" rush of life, with schools open and holidays approaching too quickly (thanks to retail).

Those hazy, lazy mornings of coffee on the deck, listening to the birds, gazing up at clouds -- all will begin to fade with the oncoming chill of autumn.

I love autumn and early winter, but will miss these quiet moments of summer. So while they are still available to us, let's enjoy and relish them!


layers said...

I with you--- especially here in the Pacific NW--- gotta enjoy the warm sunlight because in another month it will all be gone---

Kelly M. said...

Donna -- oh, yes!!! Although I love the fall and early winter, I do miss the freedom of movement without constriction. Let's relish it while we have it!