19 August 2009

Altering Digital Photography

digitally altered photograph
by the artist

Back to playing with my photography. Perhaps one could call this "avoidance" of the canvas but I've always been a sucker for a beautiful card along with a quote -- my literary training, I suppose.

It takes quite awhile to work through the many techniques of Paint Shop Pro and oftentimes I'm just too tired to go through the convoluted steps to convert a photograph. But in the morning, when I'm "fresh" and invigorated, it's do-able.

Here's another of my efforts today:

Beauty is Fleeting
digitally altered photograph
by the artist

Not totally satisfied with the end results, but I'll keep at it. As you can see from the links, I've loaded these up to my online gallery at Fine Art America, where my giclee prints and cards are available.


Anonymous said...

I love the way you layer things - it all looks so seemless. Almost like those images and items had always been together!

Kelly M. said...

It may look "seamless," but it took a while for me to adjust my vision. I guess that's true with many creative processes -- thinking slightly askance! Thanks for stopping by -- visit again!