14 August 2009

Art and the Contrast of Topographies

Rocky Shores
acrylic & gouache
6" x 8"

Summer Crossroads
6" x 8"

Here in New England we have the wonderful ability to drive within minutes between landscapes which are so diverse -- the rocky shorelines of Connecticut up through Maine, then to wander back roads past old tobacco fields, cow pastures, mills and working farms. As a child I grew up on Long Island, which is really a glorified sand bar that stretches about 120 miles out to sea starting at the shores of New York City. Flat, flat, flat . . . I love the beaches and the (then) wide open skies but that's about it. My folks were always taking weekend roadtrips up to New England and as soon as we crossed the Throgs Neck bridge, my dad would shout, "Off that g-d sandbar!"

One of my favorite drives is up Route 7 through the Berkshires of Massachusetts right into Vermont -- wonderful! Summer Crossroads reminds me of that drive. And Rocky Shores is not unlike Meigs Point at Hammanassett Beach in Madison, CT.

Well, I'm off to the World Quilt Festival in New Hampshire tomorrow -- another road trip! Hopefully, new vistas await -- I'm packing my pastels in the hopes that I can do some sketching while I'm up there. I keep working at those pastels . . . someday it will click.

Happy weekend --


layers said...

My son graduated from Williams College so I have driven and gotten lost in the Bershires and into Vermont thinking I was on my way to Williamstown. So I know what you are talking about--- you can be in several states in one day of driving and the scenery is diverse and beautiful.

Kelly M. said...

Donna -- Oh, yes -- Williams College -- what a hidden gem, nestled in those green, green hills. I hope you went to the Clark Institute while your son attended? The Clark is my favorite art museum, small and intimate!

Jackie Griswold said...

These are lovely. I've lived in 4 of the New England states during my life time, and have never lived outside of NE. It truly is a lovely place, well reflected in your wonderful art work.

Kelly M. said...

Jackie -- Thanks for stopping by! I've added your blog to my Favorites list -- hope you don't mind? Always have to support a fellow New England artist!