13 August 2009

Summer winding down . . .

Just in one of those "interim" periods when you feel the summer winding down -- maybe a shift in the wind, which is a few degrees cooler than normal. You notice more geese flying their "V" formations above. The roses are beginning their second flush, and maybe you pick up a sweater before sitting on the deck at night.

I've noticed over the past few years that right about now I am ready for autumn. The bright colors of summer have made me yearn a bit for the cooler greys of a typical New England fall day -- although the reds and golds are lovely, too. I like a grey day when the eye is soothed, almost like a sigh after a heavy dinner.

I've been noticing the skies and clouds more -- rather than those clear blue skies that almost sear the eye, we're seeing more scudding cloud formations and deeper coral sunsets. Perhaps a few cloud and sky studies are called for -- ?

Well, enjoy these photos of my garden -- white clematis the size of dinner plates and passion purple hibiscus.

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