28 February 2010

Gift from the Heart

3 x 5 mat opening
in an 8x10 frame

3 x 5 mat opening
in an 8x10 frame

A few weeks ago, Neva wrote about framing her paintings and how the frames completed the works. Somehow, by surrounding one's work with a frame, we seem to christen our creation, giving it that final touch. And as an extension of that sense, I'd like to add the gifting of a work to someone we love as another final touch.

This afternoon, my daughter stopped by to visit (and do some laundry -- what else?), and we chatted, had some coffee and laughs and caught up with each other's lives. She has just moved into a new apartment and is in the process of decorating her space on a shoestring budget.

So I pulled out my box of "little works" and had her sort through and see what she would like; gathered some mats and frames and voila! -- a set of petite collages for her living room. She was quite tickled, and it made me happy to know these little ones were going to a good home.

After all, I don't want to be my own best collector. I would rather undersell or gift a work and see it move out into the world, living in someone's home or office, perhaps giving pleasure daily.

Art is a communication of the spirit, the heart, the head. If it sits on a shelf, waiting, there is no communication. It is mute, residing in limbo.

So my daughter is happy, I'm happy and this was a story with an upbeat ending for the last day of February! :-)


Poetic Artist said...

I like your post. They look wonderful with or with out frame.
But you right it makes it complete.

Kelly M. said...

Thanks so much! It's the little things in life . . . :-)

Crafty Green Poet said...

these are gorgeous artworks, Song particularly.

Kelly M. said...

many thanks, CGP! great that you stopped by, too!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

In the five steps of creating...the fifth one is sending the piece out in the world...to new walls in a new home!

layers said...

a happy ending-- everybody happy with your wonderful little collages-- the cycle is complete.

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful little works! I love a simple white mat and black frame. On somethings I think it can make a world of difference - but that may be my days of working in a frame shop speaking!

I also think that we may think alike about getting art out there. I'd rather sell a painting for $30 $50 or $100 than have a collection of $500 unsold paintings sitting around in my house. I only have so much wallspace and when it comes down to it I want to get paid to paint =)

Kelly M. said...

Donna, Laura -- yes, gifting is much better than letting our works sit in piles or on walls. And yes, I agree, it would be great to recoup some of the expenses of our materials, time and efforts -- :-) --

Jackie Griswold said...

I agree with the idea of getting paintings out in the world - I paint for my own joy, and if I sell one, that's lovely. There is often even more joy in just giving the painting away to someone who loves it. Art is to be seen, not stored in a dark room.