26 February 2010

Snow Rose

Snow Rose
photograph by artist

I certainly hope this is one of the last photographs I post that capture winter! Another storm hit the East Coast and New England, bringing snow, rain, sleet and miseries galore.

This delicate little beauty somehow made it through, still clinging with a touch of color, petals like parchment, iced over like a candied sweet from fairyland.

So, amidst the wintry dreariness, nature offers us a treat, which I share with you -- stay warm and dry this weekend!

Beauty is not caused.

It is.

Emily Dickinson


nancy neva gagliano said...

you were right. it was not the LAST SNOW. it's still layering out there right now.
lovely little rose of color you caught, though.

Kelly M. said...

Yup, you're right -- the next morning was a fairyland of the white stuff! Luckily it melted within 2 hours -- :-)))