31 December 2010

For the New Year

I want you to understand that there are no colors in the real world,
that there are no textures in the real world,
there are no fragrances in the real world.
There is no beauty, there is no ugliness.
There is nothing of the sort.
Out there is a chaos of energy soup and energy fields.
Literally, we take that and somewhere inside ourselves
we create a world.
Somewhere inside ourselves it all happens.

Sir John Eccles
(Nobel Prize Winner, Physiology)


wandamarie.blogspot.com said...

if i could find another word besides stunning and beautiful then i would use it here! i am AWED! i see these seed pods EVERY single day of my life, darn near, and i love them...and now you have forever imposed one!!! MAGNIFICENT!

nancy neva gagliano said...

thank you, kelly! looking forward...! and inward!

Kelly M. said...

Thanks so much for your thoughts, Wanda -- funny how the simple, mundane things of this world can be magical, isn't it? Good to hear from you, Neva -- yes, "inward" as well as forward!!!

Magyar said...

Oooo... there are but few bits and pieces of my remaining mind; I'll drop a few here!
__Kelly -a chaos of energy soup- and of it... we all create our own beauty as we see our world, and the world that others see. Cudos to Sir Eccles.
__My lack of praise to me... "I've not visited your blogs, other than your 'haiku/haiga blog,' that has just changed!"

Laura said...

Kelly this is such a lovely combination of thoughts with your image of the pod...the place inside where we create the world. Beautiful!

Kelly M. said...

So great that you visited AW, Magyar -- hope to see you again soon!

LauraX -- many thanks -- yes, I find these mimosa pods during my walks and so want to create something with them!