08 January 2011

Capabilities & Possibilities

Last Memory (encaustic, oil, and found papers on 6"x12" cradled panel)

Pale  (encaustic, oil, monotype fragments on 8"x8" cradled panel)

Solutions (encaustic, oil & found papers on 8"x10" cradled panel)

Working more with the encaustic method and exploring the capabilities and possibilities of this medium. After several burnt fingers and waxed appendanges (don't ask!), I find myself in a love affair. It's as simple as that.

We argue and fight; we grapple and dance to ultimately find middle ground somewhere on the surface of the panel.

Things I had not anticipated occur -- small bubbles and striations that make me think of old walls and pitted stonework.

I rub and scrub and the oils converge with the hot wax and beautiful hues emerge. Bits and pieces of old works sink into the wax and take on a patina that I could never achieve on my own.

Over the hours the hot wax, the oils and the papers continue to converse with me, and I with them. We become better acquainted and agree to meet again soon.

Who knows what will happen next? But they will leave me, just like the others.  Off to the Gallery next week and someone else will fall in love (I hope), and they will no longer belong to me. . . sigh . . .


Caterina Giglio said...

yummy work and oh so many layers!

david weir art said...

I enjoyed your post gets me thinking about this wax.mmmmmmmmmmmmm i like

r.bohnenkamp said...

Really great work Kelly.
All the best, Ralf