05 May 2013

Digital Playtime

A Quiet Corner
Taking time off from gardening -- 4 glorious days of beautiful weather, sun, balmy breezes, raking, transplanting, sowing seeds, potting up flowers for the deck and front entrance -- these are the moments one waits for all winter as the snow and ice keep us somewhat trapped inside!

So, this afternoon, while waiting for laundry to finish and paying bills online (ugh), I pulled up some pics from my phone, played with some vintage textures and historical scripts.  This shot was actually taken at a hotel one morning while having my morning coffee.  I had been making notes to myself about something or other; the hydrangeas I had "stole" from the hotel garden the night before.  The light was perfect, so 'snap' went the phone. 

If I ever resurrect my writing blog on Wordpress, I will probably use this as my banner because, no matter how convenient the computer is for writing, there is something much more satisfying about writing with a pen or pencil on paper. 

And certainly there is the wonderful art of letter writing, which many of us have forgotten.  When was the last time you received a hand-written letter, not just a card or postcard?   I can't even recall, probably years . . . sigh.


LynnG said...

My dad sends me a hand written letter every now and then. I used to love looking through the mail. Now I wonder why I bother to bring it into the house - it's all computer generated and most of it is recycled before I open it. I miss hand written letters.

Love the pic - I can't believe you did that with your phone! It's beautiful. Definitely better than anything I've seen on any other blog banner.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This will make a wonderful banner...actually it stands alone and could easily be framed!
I can't remember the last time i received a hand written letter...not even a notecard...its all type!

Caterina Giglio said...

I agree ... this would make a lovely banner... and best wishes on the Etsy shop

Kelly M. said...

Ah, Lynn -- so glad you dropped by! Maryanne and Caterina -- again, love to hear from you both -- seems too long between "blog visits" these days! :-) Happy Spring to all!