02 October 2016

October Entry:

It's been so long since my last entry -- summer is simply too busy and lovely to spend indoors. But now it's fall in New England and to sit at my desk and come back to my blog seems natural. I love this time of year mainly because it does make one pause and consider slowing down a bit before the push of the holidays arrives at one's doorstep.

Nature's palette also invites a new way of looking at things, the colors more muted like a delicate William Morris print. And don't forget the cooking! Ah, to make warm cheesy biscuits and fudge brownies, comfort food for sure.

So this afternoon I created this journal entry above, using a new digital pack from Cottage Arts, LLC. It seemed to present the perfect background for some thoughts.

Good to be back -- and hope to stop by and visit my fellow bloggers' sites, too.

Happy Autumn, happy October! 


Caterina Giglio said...

was happy to see you pop up on the side bar, glad you are back!! x

Kelly M. said...

Caterina -- Yes, very glad to be back! It's been too long. Hope all is well with you; have seen your articles in Somerset issues -- wonderful for you! Kelly

paintings by mgt said...

Good to see you back! Sometimes a break is just what is needed! Sounds like new projects will be an adventure.....Enjoy! :-)