09 October 2016

Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Still playing with digital scrapbooking elements and trying to get a handle on Photoshop Elements. For years I used PaintShop/Corel, so this is a bit of a learning curve for me. Since the weather has taken another turn -- remnants of Hurricane Matthew, I suppose, working its way up the coast -- it is cold and rainy today, probably in the low 50s. Good for the garden, not so much for us humans. 

These are some digital elements I bought from CottageArts, LLC, as well as some scans I made from old Dover books (copyright free), or old discarded books one finds in library sales. My next hurdle is to deal with clipping masks and family photos. Hopefully this winter I'll start work on family photos going back to the 1930s, putting small genealogy books together for our children. At this time only my mother-in-law is left from that generation. The stories and information that she retains will no longer exist if we don't archive them now and get them into print in case platforms change.

I used to love the Legacy magazine put out by Stampington and Co. - mostly dedicated to family memories and the layouts were beautiful. Now, when I can, I pick up Digital Studios by the same company. Unfortunately, the contributors rarely give one a step-by-step guide on how to achieve something similar. But I'll persevere; just a matter of breaking down the steps and using those beautiful brushes and other elements. 

I may even throw myself into the mix with Instagram -- been hearing so much about it these past months, especially the "book bentos" that are so popular. The problem is, there's not enough time during the weekend to accomplish everything one wants -- I often feel like the "weekend warrior" and then go to work on Monday exhausted!  

So when do I retire???  Not soon enough, I think!  ;-) 

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paintings by mgt said...

We're 3 yrs retired and very happy with the results......I think you'll enjoy it when the time comes. I have been working on this simple blog...still figuring it out, but I did include on my page a link to you, hope you don't mind.....Here's my blogspot, hope you stop by sometime! Watercolors by MGT - mgthorva.blogspot.com. Hope it is a good Thanksgiving for you!