18 June 2009

Art Blahs . . .

Reaching towards the Sun
11" x 9"
Mixed Media on Fabriano Watercolor Paper

We are now into our second week of (almost) non-stop rain. Has the East Coast switched with the Northwest Coast? I had to post this painting as I had painted it a few weeks ago when we were in the midst of an early summer heat wave -- hard to believe!

These were some early irises in my garden, tall and sweeping yet delicate. They only last about 10 days before fading away. I so wanted to "capture" them and now with all this rain and cold I am so glad I did!

Although this painting may be a bit too PINK, I am happy with the fluidity and looseness of it all, which was what I was striving for, combining the watercolors with wax and oil pastels. I had been viewing an excellent DVD by the British artist Shirley Trevena and was impressed with her experimental attitude towards watercolor and other media. It certainly made me think differently about florals, still life, etc.

And now I've added myself to an art challenge by Vivian Blackburn -- this one is about trees. I love trees and have been fascinated by their myriad shapes and textures, their colors and ability to sustain other life forms. Hopefully I'll be able to add some interesting work to the challenge!


Anonymous said...

Shirley Trevena is one of my favourites, I love her books and use of colour. She is a very talented artist and her use of colour is wonderful. I see her inspiration coming through in your work.

Anonymous said...

I share your love of Shirley Trevena, I have read her books and are an inspiration for the use of colour. I see her work coming through your watercolours.

Kelly M. said...

Carolann -- So glad we share a favorite in Shirley Trevena! Whenever I get down (especially with all this rain), I open her books and my he(art) sings -- Thank you for stopping by!