08 June 2009

Evoking the Intangible in Art

Curve of the Wind
8.5" x 11"
watercolor, wax, oil pastel & pastel

How do we evoke the intangible in art, in painting or drawing, in oils or watercolor? How do we capture an emotion, such as yearning or despair? Art is such a silent language. It seems simpler in writing or poetry, even in music. I realize I'm simplifying drastically, but still . . .

With this watercolor/mixed media painting, I was consciously going for that free-spirited thing -- outside the window early summer had erupted and I believe the season persuaded my choice of colors and of the large, scrawled curving lines and marks. How could it not?

I was experimenting with the use of wax crayons and oil pastels, as well as soft pastels in combination with the watecolors, beforehand and while wet.

It was difficult to "control" what was occuring, but that was my intent -- to allow the materials and mediums to show me the way, to guide me and surprise me.

This painting is truly a celebration of the season:

Warm summer breezes
whip my hair
the colors of birdsong spin
through the trees

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Anonymous said...

Kelly, I love your abstract watercolours with mixed media. You write beautifully too.