05 June 2009

Rainy Art Day

"Burst of Sunflowers"
11" x 9"
watercolor, oil pastel and pastel

I thought this watercolor painting of sunflowers would brighten things up a bit here in blogland -- so much energy and color! It's been raining here in New England, on and off, for weeks now. 2 or 3 days of sun and warmth, then a week of clouds, wet and cold. Everyone is wondering where summer is. Hard to believe Summer Solstice is only 2 weeks away.

This painting, also a watercolor with oil pastel marks, is probably more indicative of our current weather situation, although I envisioned it as a night scene in the dunes --

"Moon Walk in the Dunes"
10.75" x 10.75"
watercolor, oil pastel

It's interesting how the use of color can either be reflective of our mood, the environment/weather or can convey, without a word, these sensibilities.

Art is truly the silent language among peoples and across time. I liken it to poetry and especially haiku. Laden with potency in such a small space on a blank paper or canvas. Nuances must be traced and interpreted slowly, with care.

At least sometimes -- when viewing the Sunflowers above, I'm sure the response time is much quicker and immediate, mainly because of the color. It's bodacious and bold. It must be because a sunflower's life is short but potent, filled with hundreds of seeds soaking up that sunlight.

While sand dunes are quiet. They slumber by the sea, inviting slow walks and soft caresses behind sea grass, especially if those walks are taken with a partner at night! So these colors are muted with open spaces interspersed throughout the painting, places for the eye to rest, just like those lovers.

Ah, I wax poetic! I wonder if I could write an haiku about these two artworks? I'll be back . . . !

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