12 January 2010

Creativity and Chaos Soup

"Chaotic Pips"
photo by me - :~)

The age-old question: what am I doing here on earth? how can I create? where did I put my ATM card? Burning questions that badger us, shove us around in a kind of whirling dervish spin until we drop from mental and emotional exhaustion, and quite literally end up doing nothing.

And where does it get us, may I ask? Same spot, just deeper into the hole.

I was just reading Marla Baggetta's blog where she writes: " . . . I dance to the stupid songs every day. I keep myself happy and warm. I live large in my own little world. . . . Did you make something? Did you write something, paint something . . . ? I hope you did. If you did, you made this world a better place."

Or in the words of Sir John Eccles, Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine:

“I want you to understand that there are no colors in the real world.
That there are no textures in the real world.
There are no fragrances in the real world.
There is no beauty, there is no ugliness.
Nothing of the sort.
Out there is a chaos of energy soup and energy fields.
We take that and somewhere inside ourselves we create a world.
Somewhere inside ourselves it all happens.”

That is my entry for today. I hope it encouraged you
to dance with your energy soup of chaos!


nancy neva gagliano said...

ABSOLUTELY, to sir john!! just those wee little flying forth of particles called all of us/it..thanks for the reminder. the soup sizzles, and so do i!

Four Seasons in a Life said...

As I am getting older and face a decade of life left, if one looks at statistics, I only know that there is still so much to do and can only hope that I try and do my best.

I love the photo that accompanies this post of yours.

Thank you for sharing,

Kelly M. said...

Thanks to both of you! I'll have to remember that one, Neva -- "the soup sizzles!" And Egmont, so many things one wants to accomplish and so little time!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

And we stir the soup, season it and drink it in.

Kelly M. said...

Absolutely, Leslie -- seasoning is a must! :-)

layers said...

what a great way to describe our world-- chaos that we as artists sift through-- and interpret and re-create in our works-- great post

Poetic Artist said...

Wonderful blog..I love the photograps. I will visit often.
Thank you for sharing.