25 January 2010

Mid-Winter Thoughts

"Winter Trees"
original photograph by artist
(background texture by Telzey)

Closing in on the middle of Winter. Although the light is slowly returning -- what a delight not to drive home in the dark -- the bleakness of it all is wearing me down. It's right about now that I yearn for tropical colors that punch and pulsate and for fragrances that make one swoon.

I feel like I have been wearing black, brown and gray for decades. The house is filled with cooking smells and the scents of frustration, entrapment and just plain old crabbiness.

So, I feel a shift in palette coming on -- let's break out those fiery reds, those neon yellows, those party-animal oranges! Turn on the salsa and brazilian jazz and dance around the living room, scaring partners and the mailman alike . . . or not.

The spring will be here soon enough, along with the list of gardening jobs to be done, the spring cleaning -- all of which I am anxious for, don't get me wrong. But that also signals to me that my quiet hours of being holed up inside my studio area are over for the time being.

So, it's a catch-22. We humans are such an odd lot, never satisfied with the here-and-now, always glancing over the next ridge, hoping for a quick skirmish, a climb up Mt. Everest, a leisurely swim across the Channel.

Another thought to leave you with, my blogging friends . . .

" . . . the living world is the natural domain of the most restless and paradoxical part of the human spirit. Our sense of wonder grows exponentially; the greater the knowledge, the deeper the mystery and the more we seek knowledge to create new mystery."

Edward O. Wilson, Ecologist


Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you say - UK pretty much the same grey days - looking forward to much needed sunshine. The artwork is excellent. Very melancholy. Like the season.

Laura J. Wellner (author pseudonym Laura J. W. Ryan) said...

You too? I'm in the same mood, oy vey...I've lived here all my life and although I'm "used to it" I just get fed up with the "dealing with it" struggle. (Will I ever go south? Hell no, been there, not impressed.) I've been looking to hotter colors in my paintings too, but they wind up becoming muted...I blame it on the gray. I thought the wind was going to blow us off our hill last night, my small bird feeder has gone with the wind...dang. All of our snow is gone (I can't believe it!) But it will be back soon enough...

Love the image and your colors! That blue is special.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I am a new visitor and I am caught by the beautiful color of this winter piece. I can look deep into it for the longest time.
Funny, I was looking forward to gray days and studio time along with deep meaningful work and now I am so done with that idea...give me sunny days, spring flowers and a light spirit...it didn't take long for the change over!
Mary Ann

layers said...

I have always believed that the more one learns the more one realizes what they don't know-- hence the constant search and journey for the artist--and I can't wait for spring either

nancy neva gagliano said...

the january thaw/false spring was such a tease. winter's back, recovering the green /.
great catch-22 analogy, and wilson's quote!

(scaring the mailman day, soon to be declared)

Kelly M. said...

Wow! I guess we are all in the same boat -- thanks for all the comments -- I've been laughing (and weeping) with you these past few minutes reading them all!

We shall survive -- just a question of what level of insanity we'll be on when we get there! :~))))