29 January 2010

The Metamorphosis of a Young Stream

A Delicate Blush
original photograph by artist

While another storm has spread a thick skin of ice and snow, I played "pretend" with my photographs, working with different techniques learned over the past few weeks.

When working with this image, I kept recalling the images and illustrations from children's classic literature, particularly those by N.C. Wyeth (Andrew Wyeth's father), Arthur Rackham and Maxfield Parrish.

There is a kind of woodcut look to this particular technique and believe me, it was pure hit-or-miss.

Sometimes we stumble along various paths, not quite sure where the path is taking us, just letting the mistakes and back-tracks lead and guide.

So, digitally, I wandered -- until I reached this point.

I had to stop, not because of any pride at what I had done (that was the question: what had I done?), but because the nature of the image had morphed, had spread little delicate wings and offered me a peek at the blush of its' newly softened hues, the quiet of its' waters and the dreaminess of its' new self.

I was honored.

Give us unquiet dreams
leaning softly out
from ferns that drop their tears
over the young streams

William Butler Yeats


layers said...

I just did a post on wabi-sabi-- about how wabi-sabi may exhibit the effects of accident.. or they may show the results of just letting things happen by chance-- like your beautiful digital image.

Sondra said...

I really enjoy this digital image.....and what I fun journey this process is!

Kelly M. said...

it certainly is a journey! sometimes a dark wood; other times, a gleaming glen -- Thank you for your comments, Donna and Sondra!

Laura said...

beautiful...so delicate, like a fairy world.

Kelly M. said...

Thank you, Laura! Yes, I think that' why Arthur Rackham came to mind in that his illustrations were coupled with classic fairy tales. Thank you for visiting!