03 August 2010

On an August afternoon

acrylic, gouache & pastel

summer winding down
a breath of north wind
tickles sun-burnt skin

dunes slumber
under the weight of heat
waters sluggish

tiny birds
dodge about wetlands
no longer wet . . .

i close my eyes
to the bright light and
dream of crisp breezes
and cooled stone beneath
my feet

autumn is knocking
at the door
on the threshold

i roll over . . .


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I must be in denial or maybe it is too early here...beautiful words especially:'and cooled stone beneath my feet'

Kelly M. said...

Thanks, Mary Ann -- yes, I'm sure here in New England we "feel" autumn creeping up on us much earlier than in CA! :-)

Eva said...

What a lovely post and vibrant painting! We are burning up here in Atlanta. Fall is still a few months away for us.I love fall, but really dread winter so I tolerate the heat.

Kelly M. said...

Yes, we are betwixt 'n between -- love the summer, love autumn but dread the ice/snow of winter -- fickle humans! :-)

nancy neva gagliano said...

i do remember feb/march entries when enough of winter grey was enough...
this reminds me when toooooo much of a good thing is too much.
this long hot summer here has me bartering for autumn, not sure who's listening to the deal making, though. time will pass. windows will open again.
really. i long to put on my winter boots and head out into the crispness.
and, kelly, your paintings are sublime!

Kelly M. said...

Ah, a kindred spirit! :-) Yes, this drought-like heat is debilitating -- my garden is limp -- :-( Hopefully, a break will come soon. Thanks for visiting, Neva!

ruma said...

The world seems to be the dream that is good for the summer. . .

From Japan.

Kelly M. said...

Many thanks for your visit, Ruma!