21 June 2013

slender spray 
on a dark plane --

why does one 
waver so, 
on this summer day? 

*   *   *

release has come finally -- a week's retreat to the Cape, to soak in the sun, walk in the sand, read late into the night with fireflies tapping one's shoulders and knees . . . 

to re-charge the creative batteries, like an old junk car, slightly tipped toward the earth, rumbling along, running on fumes . . . 

much to think about, nothing to think about . . . much to discard as so much unnecessary luggage . . . to lighten the load and find fresh glee in each day . . .

Happy Summer to all my blogging friends!




Caterina Giglio said...

happy summer to you as well... enjoy

LynnG said...

Enjoy that week at the beach! You've certainly earned it. Put your toes in the sand and let the creative energy return. I can't wait to see what you come up with.