07 July 2013

Summer Sketches

So, back from the week at the Cape, recharged and ready to create -- except that July has hit with 95+ degree weather and humidity that weighs you down like a load of wet sand -- ugh! Just two small 8" x 8" watercolor sketches; I did do others but even smaller (2.5 x 4). 

I think that these two somehow capture a sense of atmosphere, of simple shapes and times of day.  Perhaps, maybe not.  Watercolor does seem to capture one's impressions quickly and, at this size, it's difficult to even try to get any definitive details, especially when using a fairly large brush.

Not terribly interested in detail or photographic reality; more an essence of place and time of day.

Although on this one my husband exclaimed, "Oh, look! An atomic blast!" Ha, ha, very funny . . . well, I suppose it does look a bit like that. 

But with this long holiday weekend, I did work on some new oil paintings, again trying to capture a sense of light, of shapes and patterns rather than traditional land/seascapes. Also, tried to work from memory rather than photos taken on cellphones, etc.  Under the extreme brightness of Cape light, details tend to disappear, things shimmer and fade, then come into greater clarity before disappearing altogether.  Think about when you lie on the beach on your stomach and look down the sand at the people and the water and the light -- more like a chimera than anything!

As soon as they are dry, I'll try to take some pics; however, I may spring for a professional to do that as they are too big to scan. My time is a bit crunched these days and patience is wearing thin to be fiddling around with cameras and tripods.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

These two are lovely and I do believe the colors and brush work speak of the atmosphere. Happy July!

Caterina Giglio said...

I agree, just lovely pieces and very atmospheric..