06 April 2015

And yet we still wait:

pastel and watercolor; 5"x7"

winds sink 
and scour new green --

whipping heads
so delicate,

wet, dirt-encrusted debris
revealed from under shrouds
of snow,

at my feet 
snow drops tremble --

is it not glorious?


Unknown said...

This is beautiful! Both the words and the artwork. I think I spent about ten minutes just staring at it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Kelly. We haven't had as much snow as you have, but there hasn't been much sun for ages. So glad spring is appearing here and there.

paintings by mgt said...
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paintings by mgt said...

yes, Well done! ;-)

Kelly M. said...

Many thanks for your kind words! Right now it's about 40 degrees and raining. Seems as if winter just does not want to let go!